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Our advanced logistics, our qualified personnel and collaborators are at your disposal 24 hours a day, so that together we can perform the most competitive and most efficient activity in due time.

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Europrim can organize sea transport for all existing cargo types between Constanta port and abroad. The cargo can be transported in FCL (Full Container Loads) system or LCL (Less Container Loads) system all around the globe.

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Europrim provides efficient and appropriate air freight traffic to all the destinations in the world by the services of the most important agencies using air liners and also charters for your imported or exported cargo.



By operating a 2,500 square meters indoors storage capacity warehouse located in the Agigea free zone, within the seaport, at a short distance from the CSCT container terminal, we can offer to our customers storage and cargo handling services at European standards. The warehouse is managed by qualified personnel operating equipment that can lift pallets and general cargo, as well as oversized pieces, heavy machines, pipes or drums. Also, being licensed from the National Sanitary Veterinary Authority, any kind of foodstuff can be handled and stored in optimal conditions in our warehouse. The goods monitoring in the warehouse is provided by a complex system of cameras that can capture the smallest details in the warehouse as well as images from the outside. In the same time, the warehouse security is guaranteed by a specialized company operating in the Agigea port with an intervention team that can reach the scene in 2 minutes from the alarm triggering.


Our company employs authorised cargo inspection specialists, so we can offer this type of service if you want to receive the detailed inventory of the quantity of goods, based upon which the authorized inspection shall issue a certificate detailing the identified issues, if any.


At your request, we can offer supplementary cargo insurance services, based upon internationally known insurance brokers, for yours’ and your partners’ peacefulness.


Our employees are highly trained in terms of customs consultancy and representation, properly issuing the customs declarations and preparing your goods for import, export or customs transit. As an additional service we present the advance of the customs duty, in order to streamline customs flow and release the goods as soon as possible in optimal conditions.


If you wish to use this service, your goods may be picked-up from anywhere in the country and consequently trucked to any airport or seaport for further export. As it is in the imports case however, the cargo will be delivered to your door or nominated warehouse with minimal risk in terms of transport safety and security.

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